A Case of Future Essentials Powdered Butter - 12 Cans

Product Description

#2.5 Can / 12oz

Future Essentials Powdered Butter is completely shelf stable without refrigeration. This fresh, sweet, creamy butter has a full, rich flavor. Each can weighs 12oz; there are 17 servings per can. Each serving is 3 tablespoons.

Uses: Sprinkle on hot popcorn, saute for vegetables, any recipes calling for butter, reconstitute and use on toast. Can be used in baking, cooking, and sauteing.

To Reconstitute: Add 1/2 to 1Tsp of water to 1 Tbsp Butter Powder. Mix well. 
(When used in baking: It is not necessary to reconstitute. Simply add to dry ingredients and increase liquid. Add 1 Tbsp additional liquid for each 1/4 cup Butter Powder.)

Shelf Life: Best when stored in a cool dry place at temperatures between 55° and 70°F (ideal humidity 15%). Sealed: +-10 years / Opened: +- 1 year
*To take full advantage of the long shelf life of this product; do not store on the floor or direct contact with walls.

Ingredients: Butter, (Sweet Cream, Salt & Annatto Color), Nonfat Milk solids, sodium caseinate, and disodium phosphate.

    $ 156.00