Lindon Farms – 4 Months Food for 1 Person (1,440 Servings)

Product Description

Lindon Farms™ can be your stand-alone food storage solution. Our goal is to make food storage easy, so every home can be prepared for a disaster, economic difficulty and even that last minute camping trip. With Lindon Farms™ you're just one step away from checking emergency food storage off of your to-do list.

25 Year Shelf Life

All food is ready-made just-add-water meals

1440 Full Servings = 3 meals per day with 4 entrees per meal for 4 months 17 different entrees to choose from

No high fructose corn-syrup 3 choices of beverage No added MSG Easy to open zip-seal Metallyte™ pouches Oxygen absorber in every pouch to ensure fresh taste Comes in a stackable 'EZ’ store container Bucket is easily transportable with convenient handle Includes:

Breakfast Variety: Natural granola Apple Blueberry Granola Oatmeal Cinnamon Rice Pudding Freeze Dried Fruit Mix

Lunch/Dinner Variety: Instant Potatoes Polenta (Corn Grits) Cheddar Cheese Pasta Western Chili Hearty Potato Soup Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew Cheddar Broccoli Soup Seasoned Mashed Potatoes Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew Red Beans and Rice Mixed Vegetables

Drinks/Dessert Variety: Regular Whey Milk Chocolate Whey Milk Citrus Drink Chocolate Pudding Dessert 

    $ 775.00 $ 1,510.00