9 Months worth of Mountain House Storage Food in one quick and easy purchase.

Product Description
Storage-food demand is at an all-time high, and for good reason. 
Get the full variety of available Mountain House freeze-dried food in cans in one quick purchase. 
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Long-Term Storage, Delicious Freeze-Dried Entrees and Sides ... The Kind of Food You're Used to Eating Voted "Best Taste"

  • 210 #10 Cans
  • That's 35 Six-Can Cases!
  • 9 months worth of the best storage food on the market (at 2000 calories a day)!

FREE Delivery - Fresh, Brand New Product
Most agree that Mountain House is the best you can get in the area of freeze-dried long-term storage food. These unopened six-can cases are as fresh as they can be from the Mountain House factory. But how fresh do they need to be when they have a 30+ year shelf life?!
Independent critics agree that the food tastes delicious whether eaten now or decades down the road.
Just add water and heat (or can be eaten without being heated).
This 35-case (six #10 cans per case) package consists of one case of each of the 34 standard precooked Mountain House food varieties (and one case of uncooked egg mix) that are available in #10 cans in the civilian marketplace--providing needed nutrients to fully satisfy you and your loved ones in times of difficulty. Or, incorporate it as a part of your everyday diet.

Contents include:

20 entree cases
Rice & Chicken 
Chicken ala King
Chicken Alfredo
Hearty Stew w/ Beef
Vegetable Stew with Beef
Beef Stroganoff
Chili Mac
Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce
Noodles and Chicken
Long Grain & Wild Rice
Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Rice
Pasta Primavera
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Stew
Mac and Cheese
Turkey Tetrazzini
Creamed Beef
Mexican Rice with Chicken  NEW!
Low Sodium New Orleans Rice w/ Shrimp & Ham  NEW!

4 breakfast cases
Precooked Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham
Precooked Eggs w/ Bacon
Breakfast Skillet
Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk

4 vegetables cases
Garden Green Peas
Green Beans
Instant White Rice

2 side cases
Pilot Crackers
Cottage Cheese

1 dessert case
Raspberry Crumble
4 meat cases
Diced Chicken, cooked
Diced Beef, cooked
Ground Beef, cooked
Diced Turkey, cooked
Substitutions are possible ... Contact us prior to ordering if any substitutions are desired.
Don't wait any longer to try to stock up--developing crises, price pressures, high demand, and sourcing inconsistencies are soon likely to make that a far greater challenge.

This food is ready to ship to you now--fresh from the factory!

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