EZ BREEZE ELITE Electric Bike750w Motor 5 Speed Settings, 48V 14AH Battery

Product Description

This 2021 EZ Breeze Elite 19 inch E-Bike is from Safecastle has been custom built with for both style and stamina. Smooth ride, powerful and easy to use. Powered by a 750W Bafang motor rear brushless hub motor, 48 Volt battery, 790 LED Display enabled by pedal assist (PAS) system to extend your range on the road What is a fat electric bike? Well its basically the monster truck of the electric bike world! These fat e-bikes have tires that are 4+ inches wide and they are designed to handle all sorts of terrain like snow, sand, rough trails, the urban jungle (curbs, stairs) and anything else you can think of. Because of the large volume of air these tires hold you can run the tire pressure extremely low and these tires will conform to almost anything you rollover. If you are looking for a bike they can handle any kind of terrain and will get you a lot of looks around town then you should definitely check out the this new fat electric bike by Breeze! Equipped with the latest and most efficient electric charge, advanced lithium ion technology and no leaky fluids, no oil changes and nonitrous oxide, methane, or HFCs.

  • LUXURY E-BIKE: EZ Breeze Features; High End Components, Powerful yet Safe 750w Electric Motor.
  • 3 RIDING OPTIONS: #1- Sit Back and Enjoy Full Electric Bike Experience With No Efforts. #2- Enable Pedal Assist for Modest Effort, Electric Motor will Provide Support as Needed ( think; help up hills, staying on pace, ect) OR #3- Turn off All Electric Components for Traditional Biking with Full Manual Efforts & a Fun Workout! Max Speed 20-25 MPH
  • STYLISH & RELIABLE: Premium Alloy Rust Proof Frame. Superior Details including Scratch Resistant Auto Paint, Shimano Gears. Long Battery Life with Lightning Fast Charging.
  • PURE COMFORT: Designed for Cruising, Leisurely Strolling the Beach, Parks or City. OR; Ride Rugged Trails, Climb Mountains or Zip Through the City as a Commuter Bike. 4" Fat Tires Allow you to Even Ride in Snow, Mud and Sand! Built in Mozo Fork Suspension Shock Absorbers to Glide over Rough Surfaces in Comfort.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Front Headlight with on/off Switch, Rear Reflector Light, Speed Control Sensor, Dual Disc Braking System to Provide Superior Safety.
    $ 1,445.00 $ 2,499.00