MONTAGUE BOSTON 8 Internal Gears!! - Folding Bike , Free Pedals

Product Description

The BOSTON 8 offers the versatility of an 8 speed to handle the urban terrain and the clean look of a single speed with the Nexus internal hub. Commute with comfortable and style and enjoy the convenience this folding bike offers. The CLIX quick release and the patented folding system convert the bike from full-size to trunk-size (35 x 12 x 28 inches) in less than 20 seconds.

The Boston 8 – A Commuter Bike that Folds in 20 Seconds.

Clever integration of the patented CLIX System allows the BOSTON 8 to be folded in under 20 seconds without the use of tools. A flip of the CLIX quick release lever on the top tube and the bike folds to a compact size.
The BOSTON 8 frame is designed around a patented folding system. This folding bike design means you don't need to break the frame in order to fold the bike. Not only does this make folding easier but it makes this bike the strongest folding bike on the market. The Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) is based around frame construction concepts designed for serious full suspension downhill bikes.
The BOSTON 8 is powered by a Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal hub. This maintains the clean lines of the Boston, provides perfect gearing for city hills, and keeps the salt and sand out of your gears so you can just enjoy the ride on your folding bike.

Customer Reviews:

pynchonian from says:
"I received my Montague Boston 8 in the mail three weeks ago, and I've been riding it religiously ever since. Unboxing it took a while. It's well packed in two nested boxes with plenty of padding. It's shipped folded and fully assembled. Once I removed all the cardboard and packing material, I just attached the front wheel and hit the road. First impressions: It's a gorgeous bike. The internal hub fits well with the clean lines of the bike's style. Talking the bike out for its maiden voyage, I was surprised to find no flex at all in the ride, despite the folding mechanism. My old Dahon Matrix 2007 had a bit of flex. This bike has none. The bike really shines on city streets, and getting around Union City and Palo Alto was a blast. Conclusion: This bike is a solid (dare I say perfect?) commuter bike. It's folds when you need it to, but otherwise it's a full-size bike. It's a solid upgrade from my Dahon Matrix 2007, and the 8 speed Shimano Nexus shifter covers more than enough gear range to get me over San Francisco's hills."

Seth W. at says:
"When riding a folding bike, you want a frame with minimal flexing and a full-sized folding bike like the Montague Boston 8 is rock solid. Go ahead and stand up to pedal and you’ll notice the rigid frame, which gives you the confidence for sprints to the next stop-light, or simply to complete the bike path loop at your favorite park. In summary, the Montague Boston 8 makes a perfect urban commuting bike and weekend adventure machine. On the the streets or the trails, this folding bike is loaded with quality components and with the eight speed hub you’ll be zipping to work or along the bike paths with ease. When done, fold down the Montague Boston 8 in just about 20 seconds and it fits nicely in your vehicle for the ride home. Anyone looking for a comfortable full sized ride with the added flexibility of a folding bike, the Montague Boston 8 is the perfect choice."


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