Mountain House Freeze Dried Food- Chicken & Dumplings 6 Pouches

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Mountain House Freeze Dried Food- Chicken & Dumplings 6 Pouches

Fall in love with this new Southern recipe from Mountain House.

Layered flavors of chicken, vegetables, and fluffy dumplings in a white gravy gives this recipe that home-cooked flavor everyone's looking for.

Leave your kitchen at home, pack in this Adventure Meal™, and just add water to enjoy!

*Great for Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Fishing or you Bug-out Back

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12 year Shelf Life

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Our Taste Guarantee

The Mountain House Taste Guarantee was created to let you know that we stand behind our shelf-life promise. If your undamaged, properly stored Mountain House meal is not as good as new production for 12+ years in our pouches, or 25+ years in our #10 cans, we will replace that item at no cost to you with the same or equivalent product.
Longest Proven Shelf Life. Period

We take pride in the shelf life of Mountain House freeze-dried foods. Our nearly 50-year history of using top-quality ingredients, the highest processing standards, and premium packaging materials allows for a shelf life that is unmatched.

We are the only brand to fully cook our meals before freeze drying. We make our meals like you do at home, in a cookpot (granted ours is a tad bit bigger). This allows the flavors to mix just right like your meals do at home.

Our food also doesn't sit in the warehouse forever either. This means when you buy our food from us, it will still have the longest proven shelf life in the industry.

The rest is up to you: store food under dry, sanitary conditions, without prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and avoiding any environment that could cause damage to the packaging, such as punctures, dents, or rust. Simply follow these common sense storage tips and you will have emergency food when you need it.
Pouches — 12-Year Shelf Life *

Based on our ongoing sensory and nutrition testing of actual Mountain House products, in 2014 the shelf life was increased by an impressive 20%, from 10+ years to 12+ years! We add the "+" to let our consumers know that our food will taste virtually indistinguishable from new for at least 12 years and probably much longer than that! We've tasted pouches that were 30 years old and the food was still quite tasty!

Remember that we recommend storing your pouches unopened and avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 75° (24°C) to maximize shelf life.
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