1 Montague Fit 19" Folding Bike with Free Kickstand Unise Adult Green

Product Description

For a Limited time we are offering a Free Kickstand with purchase. Simply buy the bike and we will ship a kickstand with it. 


The all new 2015 FIT is a lightweight, 700c, flat bar road bike with a low-spoke count, ideal for fitness and commuting use.  It folds in under 20 seconds without the use of tools, offering flexibility in today’s multi-tasking world.  The FIT is a fast, sleek road bike that can maneuver around the city, and fold up to go aboard a train or bus for ultimate versatility.  It comes in 19” and 21” frame sizes, offers 30 speeds, and a carbon blade fork.

FIT Folding Bikes

Fit Foldable Bike
Clever integration of CLIX technology allows for the FIT to be folded in under 20 seconds without the use of tools. A flip of the CLIX quick release lever on the top tube and the folding bike morphs to a compact size.
The FIT frame is designed around a patented folding system. This design eliminates the need to break the frame in order to fold the bike. Not only does this make folding easier but it makes this bike the strongest folding bike on the market. The Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) is based around frame construction concepts designed for serious full suspension downhill bikes.
The carbon blade fork enhances the FIT's maneuverability - whether you're commuting, enjoying a long ride, or off to the races. The straight, lighter weight blades mean the bike's steering is exceptionally responsive - perfect for navigating the city streets, back roads or bike paths.

Whether you're cranking out miles to get fit yourself, or need a smooth ride to get you to work on time, the FIT is the folding bike for you.
The Essentials
  • Speeds: 30
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Folding Time: 20 sec.
  • Folded Size: 36"x28"x12"
  • Approx Weight: 26lbs
Great For:
  • Getting to work on time.
  • Weekend getaways.
  • Getting in a workout.
Bike Sizing:
  • 19in Frame: 5'3" - 5'10"
  • Standover height 28"
$ 1,195.00