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New 1 Numanna Power Iodine Bottle 

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Power Iodine:-

Iodine deficiency is rapidly becoming a national concern. Plant-derived, gently processed Iodine is harvested and charged creating a special Nascent Iodine. The Nascent Iodine is then suspended in the GMO-Free solution which is highly absorbable and easy for your body to get where it needs to in your body. Absolutely one of the best forms of Iodine supplementation on the market.

Product Description:- 

In the early part of the twentieth-century, doctors began to insist iodine be added to table salt because of its absence in the American diet. Fast forward to another century and Doctors throughout the Country have again raised the alarm about an almost universal Iodine deficiency in their patients.

Researchers are now realizing the strain this is putting on our bodies. There is a growing segment of the medical community educating their patients to what proper Iodine nutrition will do; including thyroid health, overall brain function and even treating Fibromyalgia. The nascent type formula in Power Iodine is exceptionally made to ensure your body can utilize the superior Iodine to its maximum benefit.

Traditionally Iodine has been valued to purify water, clean and heal wounds and help prevent radiation damage to your thyroid. Power Iodine from NuManna can be used in all these applications as well as enhancing your overall Iodine levels and thyroid function. Radioactive isotopes seem to settle in the thyroid. During a nuclear event, the Cesium isotopes will follow the path of least resistance to an under-nourished thyroid. This is how radiation damages sensitive organs. A thyroid with proper levels of Iodine creates a barrier to radioactive isotopes looking for a home in the body.

Whether you want to protect your family, store Iodine to purify water and heal wounds or give the body proper Iodine levels Power Iodine is a great product to store.
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