2015 XTreme South Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle Step Through 300W SLA Black

Product Description
Introducing our new 2015 SLA Powered Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle. This is our lowest cost electric beach cruiser available and it comes with in a women's step through beach cruiser frame.

The South Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a Step Through Frame Design and is a SLA Battery powered Electric Bicycle cranking out 300 watts from the rear hub motor. This 100% hand welded steel frame bicycle has our traditional beach cruiser 1 Speed Gear System, a battery pack consisting of 2 large 12 volt batteries for 24 volts total, and oversize 26" x 1.95 Kenda® Balloon Cruiser Street Tires, aluminum rims a water proof quick disconnect on the rear.

This electric beach cruiser bicycle can easily have a folding basket added that can be hung on either the front handle bars or on either side of the rear rack. The basket is an extra small charge and can be purchased at check out or after your e-bike is delivered.

Front & rear Vee brakes are standard on the South Beach Cruiser along with a large comfy big fat beach cruiser seat with dual springs to soften your ride!

This electric beach cruiser bicycle will travel 20 miles per hour for up to 20 miles on a single charge and it only takes a maximum of 4 hours to recharge the battery pack. The SLA battery pack is lightweight, compact and mounts to the frame below the seat and is hardly noticeable.


Please note that in some areas of NYC and Florida there might be extra shipping. Please email before submitting orders.



$ 649.00