NEW 2018 X-Treme X-Cursion ELITE Folding Electric Bike Lithium Powered Red

Product Description
NEW!! 2018 X-Treme X-Cursion  ELITE Folding Electric Bike  Lithium Powered - Red

The battery is now located inside the bicycle frame and is accessible when the bike is folded. 

 This allows for the seat to adjust much lower than our older version X-Cursion and can be comfortably ridden by a shorter rider. This new feature also allows your battery to not be seen.

The X-treme X-Cursion is a very cool electric bike. It is has the power to move both on and off road and has the ability to folding in half and store easily inside or in a cars trunk. That is the big advantage of this electric bicycle. The stats and features are the same as the X-treme Trail Maker or X-treme Trail Climber, but this has the ability one to fold.

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This X-Cusion is brand new this year, an update from the XB-310Li with new rock solid components. The light weight aluminum frame and Lithium Ion LiFePO4 battery make is weigh only 50 lbs which is one of the lightest full size electric bikes available. The X-cursion can do a comfortable 20 miles and hour both on and off road, and can still be ridden like a normal bike without the battery.

Features include:

* Quick Release front hubs with sealed bearings
* Rear wheel sealed bearings
* Derailleur guards
* Brand Name Cables
* Water Proof Quick Disconnect for rear hub motor to simplify removal of rear wheel (for fixing a flat, etc).
* LiPo4 Lithium Battery System with up to 20 mile range and 20 MPH (2 to 3 times longer battery life)
* UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Certified LiPo4 battery charger
* Switch located on handlebars for toggling the Pedal PAS (Power Assist System) on or off (Engage the electric motor assist while pedaling only when you want or need it!)
* Highlights:
* 20 mph top speed and 20 mile range
* Lithium Ion 24 volt 8 ah LiFePo4 removable e-bike battery
* 300 watt rear hub motor
* Folding aluminum alloy frame. Fits easily in a car trunk.
* Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
* Rear cargo rack
* Adjustable front suspension.

**Please note that at the same time as the above improvements were added without increasing the price, two other features were changed for the new X-Cursion. Namely, while it still comes with a headlight, it is now a separate LED headlight that mounts on the handlebars, does not draw its power from the bike's Lithium Ion battery and uses standard AA batteries instead. Also, the battery charge indicator on the handlebars was discontinued. The battery charge can still be tested by pressing a button on top of the battery which will display the state of charge. Lastly, the new seat is narrower than the one in the picture.

The X-Cursion's quality components include a 7 speed Shimano Tourney® gears & shifter system, front & rear disk brakes, 100% aluminum alloy frame and 26" aluminum wheels, RST Capa® T7 front hydraulic forks, off-road capable tires and a comfortable fully-adjustable gel-cushioned seat. Smart charger, tool kit and cargo rack are also included at no additional cost. The X-Cursion Folding Electric Bicycle is perfect for RVers, campers, college students and anyone who wants a lightweight mode of reliable transportation that folds compactly to fit in smaller spaces.

The X-Cursion electric bike provides the FREEDOM TO MOVE! At 20 mph without pedaling, it's enormously faster than walking, more fun than a car, and sure beats waiting for a cab or a bus or a friend to provide transportation. It's super quiet and nearly maintenance free. It's also super economical since it costs less than 1¢ per mile in electricity to ride it. Go where you want, when you want!

Because the X-Cursion is classified as an electric bike, it can be driven without a driver's license.*

It's also the perfect solution for those who have lost their license due to a DUI or other circumstance.

The X-Cursion Folding Lithium-Powered Electric Bicycle runs on a powerful 300 watt brushless rear hub motor -- not 180 watts like the far more expensive Schwinn electric bikes. It is powered by a lightweight Lithium Ion removable battery pack. Its tires and suspension allow it to be ridden comfortably and safely on surfaced roads or off-road. You can go anywhere anytime! And you'll feel like superman or superwoman when you feel the power of this electric bike with the wind effortlessly whistling past your ears!

It is absolutely the top of the line in design, construction, components and durability. And this folding electric bicycle looks as good as it performs! See the pictures under the 'Images' tab above! Be sure to expand the images so that you can see the exceptional attention to detail of the X-Cursion.

Unlike most other electric bikes, it has an independent full twist throttle -- in addition to the regular 'pedal assist' mode! So, you can pedal or not pedal! You can achieve up to 20 mph* and up to 20 miles per charge using the motor only! If you also pedal, you can travel much further than 20 miles and still have the continuous assistance of the electric motor! To sum up, there are three modes operation: (1) You can turn off the power and pedal this bike like any other bicycle; (2) You can turn on the power and receive a strong electric motor assist as you pedal (this is when you'll feel like superman or superwoman!); or (3) You can use the variable-speed twist-throttle the entire time - no pedaling required!

Weighs just 52 lbs including the removable battery pack! This battery pack can be charged on the bicycle or you can remove it and charge it in your home or place of business. A back-up battery pack is also available -- call us for pricing.

Buy the X-Cursion if you want a great Lithium-powered folding electric bicycle at an unbeatable price!

With the rising gas prices these days Electric modes of transportation are becoming an ever more popular, and affordable necessity versus traditional methods. The X-Cursion is both stylish and inexpensive for all its high-end features. Available in two colors: Jet Black and Polished Aluminum.

*Federal law HR 727 classifies the X-Cursion as an electric bicycle and requires that States treat electric bicycles the same as other bicycles. Accordingly, in most States, your X-Cursion can be driven without a State drivers license and, unless restricted by local ordinances, can be ridden any place bicycles are allowed to operate.


* folding bike with electric power assist
* 300 watt rear hub motor
* top quality components
* 7 speed Shimano Tourney® gears & shifter
* aluminum frame
* lightweight removable Lithium Ion LiPO4 battery pack
* up to 20 mph using motor only*
* up to 20 miles per charge*
* front & rear disk brakes
* smart charger
* cargo rack
* tool kit
* lifetime technical support

* depends on rider weight and terrain
    $ 899.00