Milkman Low Fat Instant Dry Powdered Milk - 12 Quarts (41.28 Oz) Free Ship

Product Description
The one and only Milkman is finally back!! Tell your friends... The best tasting instant low-fat milk powder available, still made with a kiss of cream. Perfect for camping, trekking, baking and household needs. Works great as a coffee creamer. Now 100% GMO free!
There are 12 individual 1 quart packets to 1 carton. 
  • Rich, creamy real-milk taste
  • Easily and rapidly dissolves in hot or cold water/beverages
  • Minimum 2 year shelf life
  • Great for camping, baking and as a coffee creamer too!
  • The best tasting lowfat milk powder on the market, 100% GMO free
100% real milk, cream

1. Pour contents of one envelope into approximately 1/2 quart of water stirring continuously with a spoon. 2. Add water to make one quart. Chill and serve ice cold.
Customer Reviews
There are few things in life that are as good as you remember from when you were a kid but Milkman is. My camping, fishing and fall hunting trips will include an ample supply for drinking, cooking and use on breakfast cereal. I know my family will be grateful that the regular powdered milk is a thing of the past.
I used this while stationed in Guam for several years. Bought it by the case in the commissary. It is better than the regular milk from the store.This is perfect for everyday use, camping, etc. - Michael
I use Milkman for disaster preparation and long term food storage. It's nice to think that if a natural disaster occurs, I will be able to still be able to enjoy a nice glass of milk :-) - MT
I have been waiting for Milkman to come back. Now I can enjoy my camping trips again. And, I love cooking with it at home as well. Thanks for bringing it back Marron! - Jim
I've tried almost every other low-fat powdered milk because I couldn't find Milkman. A camping buddy of mine told me it's on Amazon. Finally!! It's back! - Steve
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