Mountain House Best Sellers Camping Food Kit

Product Description

Mountain House® freeze dried foods are award winning meals, which are most widely used for backpacking and camping. Our shelf stable meals are also a perfect addition to your emergency kits or food storage. Whether you are trying freeze dried food for the first time or are a longtime user- The Best Seller kit is a great way to sample our great tasting, nutritionally balanced meals.

  • 7 year shelf life from date of manufacturer
  • No cooking is necessary. Just add hot water to meals, let stand for 10 minutes and eat. In an extreme emergency, potable cold water may be used to prepare Mountain House® products
  • Store packages in a cool area; avoid long-term storage above 72 degrees

Each kit includes our best selling freeze dried meals 

Individual entrees/serving sizes (prepared) are:

  • Beef Stew (20 oz)
  • Beef Stroganoff (20 oz)
  • Chicken Teriyaki (20 oz)
  • Lasagna w/ meat (20 oz) 

Individual breakfast and dessert serving sizes (prepared) are: 

  • Scrambled eggs w/ham (8 oz)
  • Raspberry Crumble (16 oz)
Who is Mountain House?

For nearly 50 years, Mountain House adventure meals have consistently been the premier choice of campers, backpackers, and survival experts. Born out of freeze dried meals we make for the United States Special Forces, Mountain House food has proven history of reliability and most importantly, delicious flavor.

With just-add-water preparation and no-mess cleanup, Mountain House is the perfect camping food or backpacking food. And with our unique packaging technology our delicious meals have a 12+ year shelf-life - making them the perfect emergency preparedness or survival food.

From the bottom of the deepest ocean, to the tops of the tallest mountains, to the battlefield and back, Mountain House is the food people trust when failure is not an option. Consistently chosen as the best tasting food among outdoor and survival brands, Mountain House is the best camping, backpacking and survival food money can buy.

What Customers are saying 

"I could eat these for regular meals, not just hiking... they are that good! It was/is shocking to me every time I have the corn, green beans, or meals like lasagna that they've made such a great product. It's great to hike and look forward to eating a nice, hot, delicious meal from these packets.

Now that I have these, I don't bring anything else on hikes. They are lightweight, great-tasting, and morale-boosting after a long day of hiking.

I carry these with a JetBoil water heater, and easily within a few minutes of setting up camp I have a delicious, tasty meal. Really changes your outlook on rainy and/or cold, miserable days."
$ 39.75