ReadiMask with eyeshield, save yourself from Hazardous Environments

Product Description
Enhanced Protection in Hazardous Environments
Complete Perimeter Seal
Comfortable, Easy to Breathe
Hypoallergenic Medical Adhesive
Eyeglasses Go Over Eyeshield

Substantially Protects Against
Flu/Virus (Including Ebola), Bacteria, Spores, Allergens,
Mold, Dust, Debris, Insulation, Pepper Spray, Pollution,
Smoke Particles, Hazardous Particles

  • Hypoallergenic medical adhesive forms a complete seal around all edges
  • Patented Sealing System prevents contaminants from entering through the perimeter
  • 5 Year Shelf Life

Readi Mask Wins 2011 Visionary Award

Article on PR Web, January 27, 2011
“The Readi Mask filters many of the byproducts of fire at a level sufficient to allow the user additional time to safely escape from a building, train, car, school, airplane or other effected areas” - Chief Richard Marinucci - Former President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Former COO of the United States Fire Administration
    $ 12.00