Vacucanner dry pack canner. Vacuum canning for long term dry food storage.

Product Description
Fast & Easy.
The VacuCanner will have you dry canning everything from rice & beans to seeds & seasonings, using your own reusable jars and lids. The negative pressure canner removes virtually all air and seals 7 quart jars or 10 pints in just 3 minutes! 

Available in the 7 Quart/10 Pint size (Small

or the 4 half-gallon/7 Quart/10 Pint size (Large)

VacuCanner uses glass jars with metal lids, so rodents will never be able to make a home in your food storage like they can with plastic storage containers. With VacuCanner you can ensure that every jar is sealed and is void of harmful elements to your food, like oxygen and moisture. VacuCanner removes virtually all oxygen from your jars, so you never have to worry about insects infesting your food storage. With VacuCanner you can store dried foods from your own garden. Dried foods such as beans and peas will keep for decades with a deep vacuum.

With dry goods stored in a vacuum, some foods will last for decades, while others will last indefinitely. The VacuCanner is quick, efficient, and very simple to operate. You can store more food in less space than traditional canning, and in a fraction of the time involved.  With food prices soaring, the VacuCanner lets you store the most precious commodity. Food is one of the best investments right now. Whatever price you buy food at now, you can be certain it will cost more next year. If you can save money, you have made a profit by anyone's standards. If you can't afford a VacuCanner on your own, there is no reason a family or group of friends cannot buy one together and share.  

The VacuCanner is a great product to make sure you and your family are provided for in a time of need.
    $ 429.00