Safecastle New Cool Cabanas 3 Size M UPF 50 Cotton Poly Canvas Providing 50+ UV Protection 8 Pockets Solid Navy - Medium

Product Description
Cool Cabanas 5 UPF 50 Cotton Poly Canvas, Providing 50+ UV Protection, 8 Pockets Easy Go CoolCabana Beach Canopy Pop Up Sun Shelter for Outdoor Camping Portable Beach Umbrella-Size M-Solid Navy

New for 2020, CoolCabanas 5 have our amazing patented super compact fold, these are the easiest CoolCabanas to use ever. This is our largest size and provides a massive 45% more shade than earlier versions and size M yet still light and small enough for 1 person to easily carry, setup and fold. Screams summer fun and uses meticulous fittings with impressive durability.

The clever design provides a massive amount of shade measuring 3.4m across, a compact fold of only 114.3cm x 12.7cm x 12.7cm and ingenious sand pockets keep them anchored.

The vibrant designs have sturdy poles including hammer pole making it easy to quickly setup / packup alone.

Enjoy quality construction and UPF 50 cotton poly canvas.


OPEN : 3.4m (11' 2") diagonally, 1.80m (6') to roof peak,1.6m (5"5') to roof edge
CLOSED: 45" x 5" x 5"
WEIGHT: 12lbs including bag.
CANOPY: Cotton poly canvas fabric providing 50+ UV protection (blocking 98% of UV rays)
STORAGE: 8 internal pockets measuring 16cm X 11cm - perfect for smartphones, wallets, keys, water bottles and sunscreen. BEACH SET UP STEPS:

1. Set the pole by inserting the sand spike into the separate loose pole then push/tap the spike vertically into the sand by sliding the loose pole up and down, stop when the loose pole touches the sand. This will set the pole height so the corner fabric columns are taut when filled with sand so they anchor your Cool Cabana.

2. Slide the closed Cool Cabana onto the pole and before opening the canopy extend the length of each main arm by pulling the extendable aluminium arm ends down until they click into position. Open the canopy by sliding the slider up until it stops.
    $ 149.00